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dried fruit (grape)

dried fruit (grape)

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[Domestic additive-free, sugar-free luxury dry fruits]

・Grapes (Various types of Fukuoka grapes)
Grapes born and raised in Tanushimaru are dried without additives or sugar.

※The photograph is an image. Containers, etc. are not included in the product.

《Delicious ways to enjoy dried fruits》

  • ・Eat as is and enjoy the original taste of the fruit
  • ・Easy fruit tea with black tea or herbal tea
  • ・Fruit yogurt without sugar in yogurt
  • ・Cut to make sweets and bread
  • ・Kneaded into cream cheese for a stylish snack
  • ・Original detox water soaked in water

There are many ways to enjoy it♪

raw materials
Internal capacity
: 200g
expiry date
: 3 months from date of manufacture
: cool delivery service
  • ・After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.
  • ・Because each item is packed manually, the displayed values ​​may vary slightly.
  • ・It will be delivered by courier service.
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